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By mgrass May 31, 2023

The Nobel Prize winner Amatrya Sen wrote that, “Knowledge is learning from the other across the border”. Knowledge is the main component that enables individuals and communities to grow.

Learning from the other requires the conviction that knowledge stems from dialogue. All our efforts should be focused on generating original knowledge through dialogue and interaction between people and groups.

In a content-flooded reality, in which disinformation is rife, and self-proclaimed experts navigate social discourse, gaining reliable, proven knowledge is more critical than ever before.

EXPeditions is our latest project with my brother Pierre-Antoine Ullmo. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemics, we packed a camera, a mic, a light, a set of questions, masks and gloves and set out to connect with the world’s leading thinkers, researchers and scientists.

EXPeditions is a new publishing platform for people seeking reliable, original knowledge from trustworthy experts, quickly and easily.
Hundreds of experts from the world’s top universities shared intense conversations. Faithful to their testimony, and their perspective we turned these conversations into videos, podcasts and articles that can be explored and enjoyed via a simple, elegant app.
More than 500 videos, podcasts, articles are already published and contribute to a better and safer knowledge for all.

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