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Edouard Ullmo, 58, is a French entrepreneur with a development capital business dedicated to investing in and adding value to entrepreneurial small and mid-caps.

In order to balance the inherent risk associated with private equity and to support projects that currently lack bank financing, he has developed real estate financing and asset-based structured finance activities.

He adds value at particular turning points in the lives of invested companies by promoting international expansion, accelerating growth and refocusing their activities on the most buoyant markets, thereby raising both standards and potential.

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Image pour The educational tinkerers (part 2)
May 30, 2024
Future of Education

The educational tinkerers (part 2)

The Mazes of Innovation Therefore, we must innovate to educate better, longer, and everywhere. Education is first and foremost a public good, and states have taken on the mission of ensuring broad and equal access to knowledge for all. Most states have shown…

Image pour The educational tinkerers (part 1)
May 29, 2024
Future of Education

The educational tinkerers (part 1)

Innovation in education has many faces: those of students and teachers in classrooms in Tallinn, Nairobi, or Bobigny, those of educators in research laboratories in Belo Horizonte or London, and those of refugees in camps in Sudan. For everyone, education is the answer to…

Image pour The distance class : less is more (Part 3)
August 31, 2023
Open Education Challenge

The distance class : less is more (Part 3)

Some tips Avoid reinventing content Do not confuse your learners with an overambitious use of third party tools and services Use a regular pattern of communication to help establish a sense of community Maintain student attention during content delivery Extend the life of a…

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